Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 is Cruising Right Along

It’s hard to believe January 2013 is already more than half over.  Time sure does fly.  I always hope to make every moment count, but I’m only human and I get lazy for lack of a better word, or maybe tired… 
This winter has been gorgeous for bike riding.  My only wish is that I could ride mid week, well if you know me, my wish would be that I was able to ride my bike every day.  I don’t know what it is about riding, but it resets my whole body, mind and spirit.  Sometimes it’s really hard to get myself out the door on the bike, but once I’m on the saddle and begin to pedal, I want to kick myself for delaying the ride. 
It’s been several months since I’ve written anything about my rides.  Some have been uneventful and some have had a few grins.  Since I’ve last written, I rode 50 miles from Newcastle to Colfax and 50 miles from Newcastle to Foresthill (what an amazing view). Two gorgeous rides.  I went out for a 30 mile ride Christmas Eve and it turned into a 50 mile ride! Other than those three rides most rides have been between 23-35 miles.
I signed up to ride a Century in May to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. I have raised $490.00 of my $1000.00 goal ( ). It’s the Gold Country Tour de Cure.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a “meet up” for a training ride.  It was a nice group of folks; the ride coordinator said there would be about 7,500’ of climbing.  I better start some serious hill climb training.  That ride was in December, there hasn’t been another one yet. I’m a bit nervous as last time I did a Century was 3 years ago and I had a couple of friends along for the ride.
The meet up group had a couple of guys who were doing what they call the “back-to-back” where they are riding the Century in Roseville on Saturday and going down and riding the Napa Century on Sunday!  I’m intrigued, but I don’t think I would make it. I would love to try, but I think I might need to pass.

I guess I’ll start with yesterday’s ride and then as time permits, I will write a little about the past rides if any are of any entertainment or intrigue!
My goal was to get a minimum of 30 miles in yesterday. I have my normal route, but decided I would venture off to a different route.  Background for this decision: My supervisor and I are each making a batch of cupcakes for work and I had taken her the cake mix, but didn’t have the frosting. My hubby bought a can of frosting Friday night, so I thought, I’ll ride the frosting to her place, which is near the office, so I can see how long it will take to get to work and deliver the frosting.

All went well and there was nothing exciting to report on the ride to her house.  I did learn her place is exactly 15 miles from my house!  The route I took was only 14 miles to work and it took me an hour.  My old route is 17 miles and used to take about an hour and 5 to 10 minutes.
Oh, I did get blown past on a hill by a fellow cyclist.  One of these day’s I will learn how to get stronger and faster!

I was debating my route back home, I didn’t really want to go back the way I came, so I decided to go my old route home, cutting off Industrial which is a horrible road and braving the Blue Oaks overpass to see if I would want to go this way in the future if I ride in.  It’s not too gnarly heading home, but I won’t come that way in the morning. 
I got passed on the right (big no-no) by two Davis team cyclists, and then I was back to on my own. The ride was familiar and I still wish there were some bike lanes in some areas, but no close calls.  I was doing pretty well and I have no idea where my mind was, but next thing I knew I was riding past my turn!  I sort of think it was subconscious, because I was not looking forward to riding Oak Avenue home, that is one hilly road on a bike!  Since I couldn’t turn around I decided to be adventurous and go a new way home.

I almost laid my bike down making a left turn when I hit a rock in the road just right, thankfully I recovered and stayed upright!  I kept riding hoping that my memory of how to get home this way was correct.  I was on Old Auburn looking for Roseville Parkway to Barton.  I found Roseville Parkway and was hoping I didn’t have to turn onto another street when another cyclist pulled up beside me. I asked if this road took me out to Barton and he confirmed it did.  He actually stayed at my pace and was chatting a bit, he was talking and pulling ahead on the hill, at this point I was on mile 30 of my “30” mile ride.  I had to tell him I couldn’t keep up with him on the hill climb, so he slowed down.  Seemed like a nice guy, had a nice bike.  I found out he was recently divorced, moved home with his parents and drove a gas truck.  We had a nice visit and once we got to Barton Rd, he vanished as all the guys do with their super leg strength!  Yes, I know it’s wrong to be, but I’m jealous.
I made it home clocking 34.29 miles, not too shabby!  I really need to get a mid week ride in or get on the trainer so that I can keep my pedal power up so I’m not starting over every weekend.

I’m finishing up my breakfast to get ready to head out for a quick 20-25 mile ride. I would love to get 30 miles in, but I have to be home in time for a lunch date, so I’ll only go so far.  If I were faster, I could go farther! It was surprisingly warm yesterday, but I was riding in mid afternoon, I am afraid it’s going to be chilly this morning, hopefully not too bad.  I will hope to get a chance to write about today’s ride later on.  Have a great day!
(Per Cyclemeter: 34.29 miles, Ride time: 2 hrs 10 min, average speed: 15.8 mph, calories burned: 1584.)

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  1. Sure wish I could keep up with you, I would love to ride with you. But I will just enjoy reading about it for now.